Took today off so that I can completely shut down. It isn’t something that I do often but sometimes I feel a need to just…restart. So tomorrow, bright and early, I will restart. Engines to full, balls to the wall, all hard core all the time…starting at 6AM. But for now, I am doing absolutely nothing…..and it feels fantastic!

  · A little Support!!

In my attempt to change my life, this year I have really done a lot to improve my awareness and to try to give back as much as I can. Right now I am gearing up to participate in the Relay For Life event happening in a city nearby, and I could really use all your help in reaching my team’s goal. I debated posting something with such a personal link to myself here, but since this is a really cool charity and a really good cause, I am just going with it. So if you are so inclined to help me out, any donation you give to my team will be greatly appreciated. Just go to, and use the team search section to find my team the TERMIN8ORS, and donate as much as you wish. Simply click my name (Perry) and you can donate directly to our site. You will also see our goals, see my team’s various stories as to why this is so important to us, and really put your money toward a fantastic event for a very worthy cause. Cancer affects so many around the world, and sometimes specific research isn’t enough. We need to raise both funds and awareness so that people can see just how important ALL the research is and not just the specified ones. Who knows, maybe the cure for one will be the universal cure for all. Any help you give goes to eradicating a deadly affliction millions suffer from each year, and I would truly be thankful if you just clicked my name and gave a dollar to my team.

team search: Termin8ors

Click my name (Perry) and Donate!!!!





I don’t go running because I want to be thin.

I go running because










going to


show up


and tell you




this is literally my favorite running post of all time. hands down.

of all the so-called inspirational posts about runing, this one makes me want to pick up running most.

This is exactly why I train…

  · Robin Williams

Robin Williams was amazing. Truly a compassionate man who dedicated his life, not only to making people laugh but to informing them as to the type of life they lead, Robin Williams was the sigil upon which people like me can place our stamp of life. He was the shield we brandished in the most nefarious of fights, a courageous spirit that was timeless in its efficacy and indelible love of life. He was a tremendous man full of a spark unseen since the days of Descartes and Sartre and yet somehow communicative to the masses., He was loved, he was revered. He was the ultimate in comedic insight and humanitarian brilliance. Without a doubt he was the best of us, and our world is darker now that he has passed. Please, rest easy Robin Williams, and know that though this world is now devoid of your brilliance we will shine on as your example lives through us.