· Everyone!!!

Girl: You don’t get it!

Guy: No, you don’t get it!

*Sighs* Can we all just agree that we are all different, no one gets it, and just shut up and pass the damn popcorn?

  · Am I the only one?

Am I the only person who flushes as soon as they start peeing so that I can race the water?

  · The Answers you asked for

1.What is your favorite holiday?

MY BIRTHDAY. Yes, it should be a national holiday. I think that is in the rules somewhere.

2. Do you have facebook, twitter, instagram… etc?


3. What is your favorite thing about where you live?

I love the people and the activities you can get lost in. There are many times when it is great to get go get lost some place downtown, and have a different life for a moment.

4. When is your birthday?

February 24th

5. Favorite song of right now?

Love never felt so good-MJ, Line Em Up-James Taylor

6. Do you make your bed?

Depends on if I drank the night before. Wait, no it doesn’t. No.

7. What is your favorite way to relax?

Run as much and as hard as I can and then a good drink.

8. Baking or Cooking? And what is your favorite thing to make?

Both. And Chicken tetrazzini is my current favorite.

9. What is your favorite fruit?


10. Are your ears pierced?

Just one.

1. Pond, river, lake, or ocean?

A good flowing river.

2. Favorite snack?

Salt and Vinegar Chips.

3. Any goofy talents?

I have a talent for accents.

4. Have you ever broken a bone?

Several, over and over. Football is rough.

5. What is the last thing you ate?

Peanut butter and banana sandwich. Protein baby!

6. Favorite fandom headcanon?

Anything ST:TNG related. Except Wesley….for obvious reasons

7. Favorite fruit?


8. Do you like dressing up?

Who doesn’t?

9. Do you like to drive or be a passenger?


10. What is your least favorite chore?


My Questions:

1. What are your top five movies?

Independence Day, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Dune, A time to Kill

2. What do you think would the perfect be like?

Do not understand the question

3. What would you name your future children?

Lydia, Samuel, Perry, Luke, Jadzia, Kira….

4. If I came to visit you, what would you show/tell/teach me about your city/country/village?

Austin City Limits

5. What’s the last book you read in one sitting?


6. Do you still have a stuffed animal? How long did you have it?


7. BluRays or DVDs?


8. What is your favorite fanfiction?

Most things Trek

9. What is your favorite concert?

Elton John anytime

10. What’s your favorite food item that you put on everything?